North American LCS Finals Fight Poster Contest

As you all know, this weekend CLG and TSM will compete to see who is the best team in North America. This, along with the third place match between TL and TIP, will be happening at Madison Square Garden. 

The Garden has a long history of hosting competitions, which made me think of these old school fight posters:

The Contest:

Create your own fight poster in a similar style (can change colors, do whatever) to these ones. Have fun with it. Here's a fun parody example:

It MUST include CLG vs TSM as the main show. TL vs TIP can be included as well, but isn't necessary. 


Please submit a link to your fight poster via the contact form on this site. I would suggest using IMGUR to host.


Please submit your poster by TOMORROW, Thursday the 20th 2015 by 5 PM PDT to be considered. 


First place will win $20 in RP REDEEMABLE ONLY IN NORTH AMERICA.

Everyone else will win a feeling of accomplishment. 

Note: I reserve the right to redistribute your poster elsewhere, which basically means I'll probably post here or on reddit the coolest ones. You gotta be okay with that.