About This Site

I originally bought this domain and built the first iteration of this site eight years ago, when I realized it would probably be a good idea to control the first result any potential employer might see when they searched my name as I was applying for jobs after college. 

A lot has changed since then! Now I work in esports. Some would call me an esports veteran, others a content creator, and a couple might simply refer to me as a personality.

What that actually comes down to is this: I live in Los Angeles where I cover the up-and-coming competitive video game industry - a scene growing at an incredible rate. Last year, millions of people tuned into watch incredibly skilled players compete in various titles for millions of dollars. Interestingly enough, millions of those fans also tuned into videos I produced, shows I hosted, or articles I wrote from my travels all over North America, Europe, and Asia. 

I also sporadically update my YouTube channel and my blog