Interviews from LCS Week 8

I was kind of in the dumps about the interviews from week 6 and 7. There weren't really any complaints, but a number of factors that were mostly beyond my control conspired to make them all pretty bleh in my opinion. 

The great news it that the interviews from week 8 were much better in my opinion. In particular, I think the ones with Doublelift, Krepo, and Link are stellar, all on their side of course. Fantastic insight. 

Anyway, last night reddit was pretty clogged up with people fascinated by Vasilii's continued ability to answer questions in english and Sharon calling Lucian Obama so I don't think as many people got to see these as I would have liked. I've reposted them here in one big group for anyone who missed them.

and just in case anyone wanted to see the others...

Thanks again folks.