My New Razer Blade

If I hadn't gotten into gaming, I probably would be working somewhere in technology right now. I'm a huge tech nerd and listen to tech podcasts, read tech news, and frequently have to stop myself from hitting the "Buy Now" button on new gadgets at Amazon. 

All of this means that one of the coolest perks of my job is getting to try out cool tech from various esports sponsors that send something my way. Last year Razer sent me the coolest (and most generous) gift I had gotten in my career in the form of their 2012 Razer Blade. I did an unboxing video of it at the time, but didn't really know how much I would really enjoy it. 

I ended up loving it. 

I can legitimately say that. A lot of gaming notebooks I had tried in the past felt clunky, large, too hot, too loud, etc. The Blade seems to deal with those problems in the most elegant ways. Though I've always dissed Macs, I always felt like their Mac Book Pros were beautiful and wished that there was something that came close to that in the PC side of things and discovered within the first month of using my Blade that something like that existed. 

Anyway, a year later my contract with them for the Blade was up, and I reached out to them again. They once again were incredibly generous and sent me a brand new Blade Pro 2014. I did a video where I talk in more depth about it, but based on my experiences with it, I would recommend it to anyone who can afford its (admittedly large) price tag.